5. Moraduix

5. Moraduix 100 x 40 x 45

Información adicional

  • Filtración: Eheim 2217
  • Iluminación: 4 x 39 t5
  • Sustrato: Ada amazonia
  • Fauna: Nannostromus marginatus,tetra amandaes,japonicas,caracoles clithon,
  • Flora: Anubia nana,pinatifida,cristmas moss,weeping mos,miroshaki moss,fissidens fontanus,rotala rotundifolia,montecarlo,marsilea crenata,eleocharis mini,vallisneria nana,lobelia cardinalis
  • Mantenimiento: Cambios de agua 50%semanales
  • Abonado: 3 veces por semana
  • HardScape: Roca dragon stone y madera de romero

4 comentarios

  • Enlace al Comentario Martial Maqua Sábado, 13 Octubre 2018 17:02 publicado por Martial Maqua

    An original layout, i like the left side but the right side is not as good. The grass in the background could be more thin.

  • Enlace al Comentario Takayuki Fukada Martes, 11 Septiembre 2018 16:16 publicado por Takayuki Fukada

    Rocks arch is interesting and overall composition balance is good and natural atmosphere can be expressed well. However, as the impact is a bit weak, you should emphasize by making the arch of rocks bigger.

  • Enlace al Comentario Josh Sim Lunes, 27 Agosto 2018 10:01 publicado por Josh Sim

    A layout with great potential.
    it looks bigger than 100cm - this is good, showing that the creator has the ability to make a layout look bigger than the actual tank is something important in this kind of contest.

    Area for improvement:
    * The Anubias is a big no for me, they are too big!! We need to be careful of the proportion of our layout, the Anubias is making the tree look extremely small.
    * this layout will be better if we do not have the tunnel/arch. this is purely personal preference as i believe that the tunnel is not something very natural.
    * a brighter background will add better 3D effect and more dynamic to this layout.
    * fish position can be better - your fish does not seem like they are swimming but just resting. A swimming/schooling fish will add more "live" to a photo.

  • Enlace al Comentario André Longarço Lunes, 20 Agosto 2018 17:06 publicado por André Longarço

    I liked so much! A little bit of Japanese layout style.
    Even the hardscape being strong and very detailed, note that it is aligned, doing a straight line in the front of layout. At this way, the layout be boring and too flat, without sense of depht. To improve this, just criate some irregular areas going trought the eyes can walk trought. Another detail, in my oppinion, the both sides of layout they should be closed, with no reflexes and empty spaces. I would used more bushes and plants to do it. At this way, you give priority to the empty/open space in the center. I could stay for hours apreciating this layout. Peaceful.

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