8. Komorebi

8. Komorebi 62 x 36 x 36

Información adicional

  • Filtración: Ehein Ecco Pro 300
  • Iluminación: T5 4x24w 6.500ºK
  • Sustrato: ADA Amazonia
  • Fauna: Paracheirodon simulans y Neocaridina davidi
  • Flora: Lilaeopsis mauritiana, Hydrocotyle tripartita Japan, Eleocharis sp. Mini, Eleocharis Parvula, Cryptocoryne Parva Pigmea, Cryptocoryne lutea 'Hobbit', Littorella uniflora, Amblystegium serpens, Vesicularia dubyana, Sp 610 Moss, Fissidens Fontanus, Vallisnerias Nana, Anubias nana petite, Bucephalandra Sp., Echinodorus ‘Vesuvius’, Micranthemum micranthemoides, Ceratopteris mini
  • Mantenimiento: Cambio de agua del 40% semanal
  • Abonado: Nitrato de magnesio, Fosfato monopotasico e Hierro
  • HardScape: Rocas Locales y madera de Sunken

4 comentarios

  • Enlace al Comentario Martial Maqua Sábado, 13 Octubre 2018 17:03 publicado por Martial Maqua

    good work on this tank, it should improve with more maturity. I’m not convainced by the valisneria on the right.

  • Enlace al Comentario Takayuki Fukada Miércoles, 12 Septiembre 2018 13:01 publicado por Takayuki Fukada

    At first sight, I can see that it is clean and beautiful layout. The arrangement of driftwood is also effective for directing the natural feeling. However, the rear area of the driftwood feels a bit lonely, so it is better to plants more.

  • Enlace al Comentario Josh Sim Lunes, 27 Agosto 2018 10:24 publicado por Josh Sim

    A nice layout. It may be unintentional or it maybe something very insignificant, but i love the Eleocharis place at the background of this tank. it create an interesting contrast and add a different levels, making the tank look deeper.
    plants are well balance too.

    Area to improve:
    * the big wood on top, is out of place. All the other woods has nice shape and nice size, but this big wood on the top look clumsy and it does not belong to this tank. Change to to a smaller wood with similar texture and shape like the others.
    * The moss and fissidens needs a good trimming.

  • Enlace al Comentario André Longarço Lunes, 20 Agosto 2018 19:48 publicado por André Longarço

    Very good japanese layout style. But the proportions of hardscape took some point. The driftwood in the base are ok, but the aerial wood is too thick and confer a heavy atmosphere to layout. For me, this driftwood interrupts the great flow of this job. It's a pitty. Plants well choosed and placed. Just take care with the blank space in the both side near the surface. Well, but in overall, it is a excelent Nature Aquarium style. Well done.

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