17. Amodiño

17. Amodiño 100 x 40 x 40

Información adicional

  • Filtración: sum-sum
  • Iluminación: t5
  • Sustrato: akadama
  • Fauna: gupy
  • Flora: fissidens fontanus, hydrocotile tripartita, micrantemium micrantemoides,juncus repens,anubias, eleocharis sp mini, amannia, staurogyne, microsorum pteropus windelov, microsorum pteropus, alternanthera reineckii mini, pogostemon helferi
  • Abonado: NPK

3 comentarios

  • Enlace al Comentario Martial Maqua Sábado, 13 Octubre 2018 17:07 publicado por Martial Maqua

    Interesting idea,but plants are not at their best.

  • Enlace al Comentario André Longarço Sábado, 01 Septiembre 2018 16:13 publicado por André Longarço

    I think that the author were a lot of concerned in make a good perspective that forgot to take care of the plants. In the contests, the hardscape have crucial importance to show a natural atmosphere, but if you don't use plants well balenced with the proposal of the layout, your job loose strenght. This is that occurs in this case. The health and the conditions of the plants are not so good.
    More plants, more details with gravel and tinny rocks can help this layout to have more intensity. Remember, to be an aquarium, we need to have fishes inside, or at least, see them. Keep trying.

  • Enlace al Comentario Josh Sim Martes, 28 Agosto 2018 03:51 publicado por Josh Sim

    The idea of the creator is understood - the effort to create depth and perspective is appreciated.
    but the condition of the tank and plants are not very good, it look dirty and unhealthy.

    Left and right side are not balance - using different kind of plants and different kind of wood.
    Some plants are too big - especially the microsurum and anubias.

    where is the fish? :)

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