33. Xingu

33. Xingu 150 x 74 x 60

Información adicional

  • Filtración: Superjet ES 2400 ADA + Filtro Cristal Profi 1901 + FIltro Sera Bioactive 400+UVA
  • Iluminación: 10x80w T5 6.500º kelvin (14 Horas fotoperiodo ininterrumpido)
  • Sustrato: Power Sand Special L, Aquasoil Amazonia, Aquasoil Amazonia Powder, Colorado Sand.
  • Fauna: Paracheirodon Simulans, Ottocinclus Affinis, Ancistrus sp, Crossocheilus Siamensis, Neocaridina Heteropoda, Caridina Multidentata.
  • Flora: Rotala H´RA, Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala Sp Green, Rotala Wallichii, Myriophyllum Guyana, Eleocharis Vivipara, Eleocharis Xingu, Bolbitis Heudelotii, Anubias Barteri Nana, Anubias Pangolino, Anubias Petite, Bucephalandra Mini Catherinae, Marsilea Crenata, Hemianthus Callichitrioides "Cuba", Eleocharis Pusilla, Eleocharis Sp Mini, Eleocharis Parvula, Fissidens Miroshaki Mini, Fissidens Miroshaki, Fissidens Fontanus, Vesicularia Ferriei Weeping Moss, Weeping Moss Mini, Taxiphyllum Sp Flame Moss,Taxiphyllum Sp, Riccardia Chamedryfolia.
  • Mantenimiento: 1 cambio semanal del 90%, maquetación casi diaria y limpieza de arena cada 3 días.
  • Abonado: Brighty K, Step 1, Step 2, Excel, Easy Carbo, Green Gain, Green Bacter, Phyton Git, Advance, Mineral, Iron, Nitrogen.
  • HardScape: Seryiu Stone, Horn Wood, Red Moor.

4 comentarios

  • Enlace al Comentario Martial Maqua Sábado, 13 Octubre 2018 17:12 publicado por Martial Maqua

    Very nice layout with a lot of details and a good depthness feeling. Overall the abondance of texture gives a sharp impact to the scape that makes me feel unconfortable.

  • Enlace al Comentario Takayuki Fukada Miércoles, 12 Septiembre 2018 13:09 publicado por Takayuki Fukada

    When I actually saw this layout in February it was a more refined impression.That is because it did not have so many twigs. It is important that both the finely visible part and the clearly visible part exist in well-balanced fashion.

  • Enlace al Comentario Josh Sim Martes, 28 Agosto 2018 09:25 publicado por Josh Sim

    Impressive layout - very dynamic and sophisticated! this can only be created by someone who has great skills and great experience in this hobby, almost every single details are being considered - perhaps even a little over doing it! :)

    for me, the perspective are being created too forcefully - the creator put too much emphasis on the perspective and as a result, it is being created with a bit of artificial feel, especially the triangular shape on the left side along the path pointing to the background, this triangular shape is too artificial, it is like man-made.

    the small roots along the river path (especially on the left side) are not in the same flow as the rest of the layout.

    Nevertheless, this is still a great layout!!

  • Enlace al Comentario André Longarço Lunes, 20 Agosto 2018 16:34 publicado por André Longarço

    What a nice layout. Very strong hardscape and detailed. One point that I could change to improve would the driftwood. In my oppinion, the driftwoods of the left side, among the rocks were not so good for perspective and notion of scale of layout.
    There are too many rocks and woods in the path .. Just one more detail. When we saw the impressive layout like this at the first time, we always need to start trought the open space, in a blanked area. In this case, we don't have this area, so it is difficult to start the observation, because we have a lot of information. LESS IS MORE.

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