34. Cuevas de Waitomo

34. Cuevas de Waitomo 120 x 45 x 45

Información adicional

  • Filtración: JBL Cristal Profi 1501 x 2
  • Iluminación: 2HQIx150w NAG GREEN ADA
  • Sustrato: Power Sand Special L, Aquasoil Amazonia, Aquasoil Amazonia Powder, Colorado Sand.
  • Fauna: Rasbora Espei, Caridina Multidentata, Crossocheilus Siamensis, Otocinclus Affinis, Neocaridina Heteropoda Black Sakura.
  • Flora: Rotala H´ra, Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala Indica, Rotala Sp Green, Micranthemum Micranthemoides, Weeping Moss, Flame Moss, Fissidens Fontanus, Higrphila Pinnatifida, Cryptocorine Parva, Cryptocorine Albida, Eleocharis Parvula, Eleocharis Acicularis Mini, Micranthemum Monte-Carlo, Fissidens Miroshaki.
  • Mantenimiento: 1 cambio de agua semanal del 50%
  • Abonado: Brighty K, Green Brighty Step 1-2, Shade, Green Gain, Phyton Git, Green Bacter.
  • HardScape: Dragon Stone

4 comentarios

  • Enlace al Comentario Martial Maqua Sábado, 13 Octubre 2018 17:13 publicado por Martial Maqua

    A very good work on this layout, a great depthness, very nice plants, and good rock work. These two openings participate to the originality of the layout, but i think the effect would have been better if the light had not been coming directly through it. A high level tank, congratulations.

  • Enlace al Comentario Takayuki Fukada Martes, 11 Septiembre 2018 16:21 publicado por Takayuki Fukada

    I show respect for this author's challenge, but the two caves have lowered the value of this work. The reason is because I do not know where this work is going to show. If you want to show a cave, you do not need two. It is enough to make one big cave in the middle and pass white sand through it.

  • Enlace al Comentario Josh Sim Martes, 28 Agosto 2018 09:32 publicado por Josh Sim

    i am very sorry but the 2 caves/holes spoil the layout for me! i do not understand the purpose of having these 2 caves in this layout, they are both unnatural and distracting. i would have given a lot more point to this layout without these 2 caves.

    other area for future consideration - try not to split the layout in a 50-50 proportion and the path could be more slanting/curve.

    other than that, i think this is still a fantastic layout with great skills in rock arrangement.

  • Enlace al Comentario André Longarço Lunes, 20 Agosto 2018 16:48 publicado por André Longarço

    Great perspective and strong layout with powerfull hardscape. Maybe this was the good and the weak point of this layout at the same time.The excess of rock congested the visual of layout. The blanked space in the center could be more to side, in order to break the simetry of the both sides. With the central path is the same. It is too vertical and with no atractive. Maybe more curves ou details could be better. Note that the straigth line in the front break the perspective sense of the layout, because it flatten the hardscape. All the rocks are alligned. With this way we only can see the first plan, the plan of the hardscape and the backside plan. But this layout is very impressive. Well done!!!

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